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Buy and sell iconic action sports 

digital collectibles.

Minted by the world’s best creators. 

The modern day marketplace of digital collectibles. 

Xmint is a marketplace that offers limited edition digital collectibles from the top brands, athletes, and creators in action sports. Xmint allows fans to own, collect, and sell these never accessible before officially licensed digital collectibles. Fans collect digital collectibles to unlock exclusive experiences, products & new content. It is a new digital economy and a place for fans to relive the best moments in action sports. Xmint is launching soon.


For the first time ever, fans can now buy their favorite iconic moments in action sports. 



From vintage to modern-day, collect epic digital collectibles in action sports. All of which are officially licensed from the top brands, artists, and athletes and minted in limited supply. 


Show off your collection and relive the best moments. When ready, fans name their price and sell them in the marketplace.  



Own your collectibles for exclusive real-world product drops, events, and one-of-a-kind experiences. Only available to the Xmint community.  


Xmint Inc. is a technology company that specializes in software development, blockchain technology, and has 30+ years of combined experience working with major action sports brands.

Our mission is to create a destination where fans can discover, collect, and relive moments from the cross-section of action sports, culture, and art through technology and innovation.  


Tom Rudolfs 

Tom brings 15+ years of experience launching pioneering technologies for some of the world’s most recognized and respected brands. He has focused exclusively the last five years on Web3, blockchain technology and innovation. He is a fan of boardsports, having grown up in Southern California and the Central Coast surfing his home break of Jalama, skating Pipeline skatepark back in the day, to shredding at Mammoth Mountain. 

Totefa Dexter 

Totefa is an accomplished entrepreneur and well respected in the entertainment and fashion industries. He brings over 15 years of experience in product management/design, sales, loyalty technologies, marketing, and social media. When not working on creating new exciting drops and features at Xmint, he likes to surf in his homeland of Tahiti, skate his local bowl, and adventure up to the mountains to snowboard.  

Vince De La Pena 

Vince is an accomplished marketing executive and entrepreneur, having founded multiple successful brands. He brings 30 years of experience as a brand builder and in boardsports specializing in Surf. His many accomplishments and awards number from turning pro at age 17, launching his first brand at age 22, earning apparel brand of the year on multiple occasions, the breakout brand of the year, to marketing campaign of the year. Vince is passionate about building authentic brands that have a defining reason to exist. 

Ryan Kingman 

Ryan is an entrepreneurial brand builder and marketing executive who brings nearly thirty years in boardsports, youth culture and entertainment to his career. His ability to visualize untapped opportunities and bring to life creative, marketing and partnership initiatives has set new precedents for what to expect. Ryan has led the way in developing & pioneering inspirational and incentivizing athlete-investor models, identifying new categories in the surf, skate, and snow markets.  

Mikey LeBlanc 

Mikey LeBlanc is a living legend in the sport of snowboarding. He was named the “Mountain GOAT” by Snowboarder Magazine and awarded “Outstanding Rider of the Year” by Transworld Snowboarding magazine. Mikey has been featured on the TV show Jackass and was a featured character in the launch edition of the Xbox Snowboarding game. He is also an award-winning snowboard filmmaker, producing and co-editing love/HATE and Burning Bridges, two cult classics in snowboard media. Mikey also founded and co-operated his luxury clothing brand Holden, an innovative and disruptive brand for two decades. For the last 24 years, he has also been a Zen Monk. 

Sheela Zemlin - Advisor

Sheela is an executive with over 20 years of experience in emerging technologies, including crypto, digital payments, AI and SaaS. Most recently she was Chief Revenue Officer at Bakkt where she scaled the go to market team, secured critical distribution deals and led through the IPO. Sheela served as SVP of Sales & Customers at, VP of Business Operations at Taleo Oracle and Director of Business Development at Neoforma. Each of these companies achieved $1B+ market valuation as well as successful exits through an IPO or sale to a strategic buyer. As a Partner in PwC’s corporate venture group, she served on the boards and as an operating partner to the fintech, AI, blockchain and cyber portfolio companies. Sheela is also an Executive Fellow at Harvard Business School in Entrepreneurial Management. She loves adventure sports with her favorite being heli-skiing and trekking at altitude.


We work with some of the world’s most innovative companies from cutting-edge environmentally friendly blockchain technology to award-winning 3D animation artists. 

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Our creators range from premier surf brands, iconic snowboard film companies, and the most accomplished surf, skate, and snow photographers and athletes ever. Here are a few of our creators.

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Discover & collect digital collectibles from the cross-section of action sports, culture, and art.

© 2024 Xmint Inc. All rights reserved. 



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